2016 Wrap Up

All things worth mentioning that happened to me in 2016:

  • Started a company.
  • Said company was featured on The Today Show’s website, and on local news 3 times!
  • Got eyelash extensions.
  • Graduated college. (Note to self: change the blog name?)
  • Started a full time job.
  • Celebrated 2 years with my boyfriend. (Cue “awwwws” here)
  • Went to Mexico, spent a night in Houston aka Hell Hole of America.
  • Went to Philly because we got free flight vouchers.
  • Went to the doctor’s because of stomach pains, turns out it was appendicitis.
  • Got my wisdom teeth removed, and instead of being funny on the meds I cried a lot!
  • Got TWO toenails removed.
  • Got runner up in a startup competition and won $5000!
  • Booked a trip to London for next year… expect more travel posts!!!
  • Did a TED talk.
  • Ate pizza at TWO USA famous places (one in Phoenix, one in Philly).
  • Hit 10,000 tweets.
  • Voted for a woman president.
  • Discovered the magic that is Hamilton (and the Hamilton Mixtape, for that matter).

Happy 2016! This year was a good one, and I feel like it’ll be hard to top. Stay tuned. Below: Ham4Ham performance of some of the songs of the Hamilton Mixtape.


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