I really hate writing “about me” pages, but I feel that in case I die, you can start here for my eulogy. Totally kidding.

  • Name: Martha
  • Social Security number: 555-55-5555 (also kidding, nice try)
  • Favorite color: Blue and also purple
  • Location: On any given day, Minnesota. Specifically, Minneapolis during September – May.
  • Majors: Supply Chain/Operations Management & Entrepreneurial Management
  • Favorite TV shows: Girls, Scandal, Game of Thrones, Modern Family
  • Favorite movie: Ocean’s 11. This will probably never change.
  • One thing that I always wanted to do but am I too lazy to do: Learn how to belay and actually rock climb outside, rather than those crappy auto-belay systems.
  • Do I like music: Yes, yes I do.
  • Dumb fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose.
  • Biggest accomplishment: Winning money on a Trifecta bet at Canterbury. (I’m only 20, cut me some slack. I haven’t saved the world yet.)
  • Favorite quote: The last enemy to be destroyed is death.
  • What should you be doing instead of reading this: Probably getting off the computer. So go. Now.

If you have any specific questions to ask, please do not hesitate and I shall add them to this list. Good day!

I was nominated for the Liebster blog award by the lovely Nafisa. Check her out here! So, the Liebster blog award  is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers – all online. It’s designed to get newer bloggers linked within the blogosphere and encourage them to keep going. 🙂

As a condition of receiving this award, I have to answer Nafisa’s 11 questions. Here they are!

  • Why do you blog? It’s a great creative outlet for me and I love doing it!
  • If you could live in any country in the world, where would it be? France. I love it so much.
  • What is your biggest and best achievement? Tough one. Probably just living life and being able to do so many things. It’s not just one THING that stands out I guess.
  • If I gave you a million dollars now, what would you use it for? Travel to get me through the end of my study abroad. Then I’d replenish my bank account and put the rest in savings. Maybe throw a few bones to my internship site.
  • What is your favourite book of all time? Harry Potter. It’s a classic and my childhood.
  • What is your dream job? I really want to work for myself some day. I think being an operations manager at a start-up would be great. And of course, I’d love to be a blogger. 🙂
  • What do you think is the biggest flaw in people? I think people always try to be someone else they are not. Consciously, unconsciously, whatever. It sucks and it can be really hurtful.
  • What is your favourite food? CHEESE PIZZA FROM FRANCE
  • Are you more of a introvert or an extrovert? According to Myers-Briggs I am 50/50 introvert and extrovert. I’d say there are some days where I’m extroverted, and some days where I hate everyone and need to be alone.
  • What languages can you speak? English and Spanish. Not doing too hot in that department.
  • What is one skill or hobby you want to learn? How to get good grades. And, I want to learn how to speak French!

Thanks Nafisa!


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